Preparing to dive
13, April 2016
In life we must realise there are parameters and certain limitations, yet in order to realise our potential we must go beyond those limitations so we can realise our true greatness. In saying this, there is a fine line between pushing boundaries and putting your life at risk.
04, April 2016
Our minds have the power to destroy or push us beyond our limitations. Freediving is a beautiful example of the way that people are going beyond where they think they can go and diving deep within themselves as they plunge into the abyss.  
Enzo Maiorca and Andrea Zuccari share the stage at EUDI, Bologna Italy 6 March 2016. Photo by Elena Mihailovic
07, March 2016
It was an exciting day for the Momentum Team on Sunday 6th of March, as they sat in front of a huge crowd of the freediving and diving community in Italy at the Eudi Dive Show. 
04, March 2016
This week we have some exciting news to share with you. On Sunday, March 6th, we will be launching Momentum at the Eudi Dive Show in Bologna, Italy.
Photo of Umberto Pelazzari
23, February 2016
You may have heard the quote by freediver Umberto Pelizzari, "The freediver dives to look within” and this is exactly our intention of sharing this film with you.