Submitted by momentumadmin on Wed, 13/04/2016 - 1:22pm
  • Preparing to dive

In life we must realise there are parameters and certain limitations, yet in order to realise our potential we must go beyond those limitations so we can realise our true greatness. In saying this, there is a fine line between pushing boundaries and putting your life at risk.

In this week’s cutting floor clip Guillaume Nery talks a little about the importance of safety and freediving and what is truly number 1.


Life is truly what you make of it and if you want to live a rich and expansive life, then you must be willing to dive deep within yourself to uncover the places that have kept you small. 

This week we encourage you to look at what you’ve always wished to do and put on the back burner. We encourage you to dive into the depths where you have buried some of your greatest dreams with the intention to do it later.

If we can share with you two things that we’ve truly embodied from shooting Momentum it’s this:

1. We only have this moment and we must be in it with all that we are.

2. From this moment you then move to the next one and with every action you take, you build momentum and that’s where the magic happens. 


“In life you are always in the rush but in freediving there’s nothing more important than the present, the way I am breathing. Time stops. I feel like I am deep inside of me into an inner journey.” - Guillaume Nery