Submitted by momentumadmin on Tue, 23/02/2016 - 4:30pm
  • Photo of Umberto Pelazzari
    Umberto Pelazzari - Photography by Artur Kade

You may have heard the quote by freediver Umberto Pelizzari,

"The freediver dives to look within”

and this is exactly our intention of sharing this film with you.

Not only will the film share freediving in its magic, wonder and sheer amazement, it will take you on a personal journey within yourself, as it does each freediver. As you probably know, Momentum is the first documentary ever to bring together 16 of the world’s elite freedivers.

The film will open your mind to a new way of living and a deeper appreciation for your life and this truly remarkable world we live in.

Each conversation with the divers and freediving community will allow you to, for a moment, step inside their world and return back to yours feeling alive.

So today, we’d like to share with you the launch of our first Momentum Freediving film trailer

May it capture your heart and stir something in your soul.

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