Submitted by momentumadmin on Mon, 04/04/2016 - 12:37pm
  • Alexey Molchanov diving deep

Our minds have the power to destroy or push us beyond our limitations.

Freediving is a beautiful example of the way that people are going beyond where they think they can go and diving deep within themselves as they plunge into the abyss.

In many extreme sports or professions athletes or professionals are asked to be more, give more and push themselves to reach greatness. In this consistent striving for greatness they give of themselves. They give of themselves in their dedication to training, the commitment to the dream (regardless of the challenges in front of their eyes) and not to mention they go beyond the pain and rise.

You do not have to be a freediver or professional athlete of any kind to be curious about your capabilities. In fact, by being curious, you open yourself up to life. You allow for life’s energy to flow through you and question the areas of your life you have limited yourself. 

You can start by seeking a deeper understanding to know yourself and by taking inspired action to go after the very thing that you love but have put on the back burner.

Do not let your potential go to waste, go beyond what those have told you most of your life - go beyond what you have told yourself most of your life.

Take a deep breath and dive into yourself.

Click below to hear Tanya Streeter talk about the Wisdom of Self learnt though freediving.