For the first time in freediving history Momentum brings together 16 of the world’s elite freedivers.

Momentum takes you on a personal journey into the hearts and minds of the world-class freedivers, as you embark on an extraordinary adventure exploring the depths of the ocean and the boundaries of human potential. You will visit places where only submarines, whales and the elite few dare to go. In one breath you will be transported into this foreign yet mesmerising environment to experience its beauty, its danger, its happiness and most of all its freedom.

Experience the peace and tranquility as each diver takes you with them on their descent beneath the surface. Through this visual experience you will witness the true beauty of what it feels like to become one with the present moment. Momentum presents freediving in its authenticity.

It recognises freediving for the skill, training, commitment and deep love each freediver must have to participate in this sport and the mental and physical boundaries they go beyond. If you are a waterman or woman, an ocean lover, freediver or simply love to open your mind to new ideas, join Maiorca, Pelizzari, Zuccari, Carrera, Nery, Streeter, Molchanova, Molchanov, Molinari, Fokuda, Saenz De Santamaria, Coste and many others, in this eye-opening experience beneath the ocean’s surface.

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