Photo of Ilaria Morineli

lliaria Molinari, spent much of her childhood in competitive water activities. At 21, she began freediving with Umberto Pelizzari. In 2001 she joined the first female Freediving National Team who claimed 3rd prize in the World Championship, and 4 Italian titles.

She set the world record in the Constant Weight Discipline of 213 feet (65m), which remained unbroken for 12 years. In 2009, she found out she was pregnant while competing in the Dean’s Blue competition (Bahamas) diving up to 200 feet (60m). The judges awarded a special certificate for the “world’s deepest fetus”. After a completing studies on a maternity break, Ilaria returned to diving and claimed the CMAS Italian title, 252 feet (77m).

She is currently an ambassador for Omersub, a teacher at the Apnea Academy.