Photo of Andrea Zuccari

Andrea Zuccari started diving at 29. He holds 10 Swiss National Records in CWT, CNF and FI with the deepest -131 metres in No Limits, also the No-Limits Tandem World Record diving to -125 meters with Anna von Boetticher.

Andrea created innovative didactic support training & opened Freediving World Apnea Center in Egypt. In 2013 Andrea sets the Male No-Limits Tandem World record, diving to -126m with Stavros Kastrinakis, then a new Italian record in No Limits, diving to -155m & in Variable Weight Regulated down to -135m.

In July 2014 he becomes the deepest man in the world using a Freediving Mask with -175 meters in No Limits. Andrea competes & coaches and researches physiological effects of Freediving to discover the human limits.